Episode 22 Illustration~
images belong to ChiNoMiko

Episode 22 Illustration~

images belong to ChiNoMiko

My Candy Love - Episode 22 Guide


 -      Negative result for LOM

/       Neutral result for LOM

+     Positive result for LOM

Illustration: One Illustration possible. The only way to get the illustration is to agree with the deal that Amber presents to you. Though you will lose 20 points with Castiel. If you decide not to take the deal you won’t get the illustration and Castiel’s LOM stays the same. Instead you will end up buying a makeup kit for Amber ($180 in Dollar shop), if you give the kit to Melody after Amber rejects the kit Melody will give you back $85.

Auntie: Found in classroom A, during objective ‘It’s time for the treasure hunt!’ when looking for the first three items. (Adventurer’s hat)


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Hey guys.

I’m so sorry I was gone for so long. I just wanted to give you an update. During the last few weeks I’ve been not only dealing with a death in the family but my laptop decided that it didn’t like working for me anymore. For two weeks I’ve been trying to fix the problem but the laptop died on me. I just bought myself a new laptop and is working on setting things up on it. 

Some of you might be wondering if I played episode 22 on Amour Sucre yet and the answer is yes I did. Though the only reason I thought to play it on my old laptop was because I finally thought I fixed the problem that I’ve been dealing with. But as soon as I finished playing it, my laptop died for good. 

I plan to play the episode again and then post the episode on my youtube channel tomorrow.

I’m dealing with another death in the family. So please give me a few more days to deal. I’ll try to be on again soon. 

Episode 21~

Sleeping Beauty

images belong to ChiNoMiko


Anonymous asked: Is it just my imagination or is KizmetSeul trying to impersonate you?? You both have that greyish-brownish hair, a bird on your hat, grey eyes, a cat, and she's wearing that cat hood that you have.

No, I don’t think it’s your imagination. I often find her wearing the same things that I am and her Candy does have the same hair and eyes. She isn’t doing anything wrong as long as she doesn’t go around telling people that she is me then it’s fine. 


Anonymous asked: Hiya! :) I just wanna say I love you!!! *-* anyways do ya know where to find deborah in ep. 16 when you're trying to trap her? with the tape recorder? Just keep doing whatcha always do. We love you!!!

*giggles* Aww~ Thank you sweetie! *hugs*

I found her most of the time in classroom A, but sometime in classroom B and in the student council room. Good luck dear~


Anonymous asked: Thank you so much <3 you're an angel! cleaning the caches and the cookies helped.

I’m so happy for you~! Thank goodness that fixed the problem. Have fun playing sweetie! 


erengantly asked: (for the anon with the wig and hat question) the only way that is possible is if youre in an episode, and you're already wearing a hat or a hair accessory and you buy one of the outfits that comes with a wig [for example: i was in the 2012 christmas episode and i was already wearing a star hair accessory and i changed into the outfit they gave me so it kind of overlapped]

Ah, thank you so much! That’s good to know, but it’s terribly limited isn’t it? So sad. Well, at least we know that it is possible. Thank you sweetie for sending me this info. ^^


mermaid613 asked: Do you know if there's any specific time when there's happy hour?

It appears between the hours of 2 pm and 4 pm, Pacific Daylight Time. I’ve also only noticed it appearing between the days of Monday through Thursday in the second and third weeks of the month. Also it only appears once a month from my observations.  


Anonymous asked: Hello kizmet! I just want to say I love your work. Here's my question : you see I only have eyes for Lysander and I was wondering how can I make sure that in story in episode 21 will be Alice in wonderland and not the other? Do I get to pick or is it based on the love o meter?

Thank you sweetie! 

In episode 20, you get a choice of which play you want to pick. Candy will raise her hand on which play to pick in the gym when the class is deciding. At that point pick to raise your hand for Alice in Wonderland. In episode 21, the illustration is based on if Lysander’s LOM is higher then Armin’s LOM. If that’s the cause you just have to remember your lines for the play from the three changes you picked earlier in the episode. 


Anonymous asked: Is it possible to put a wig and a hat on the candygirl at the same time? :o

I wish we could do that, but the wig is seen as a hat unfortunately. You can only have one or the other. T^T


xbeforedeathcomesx asked: Hey! I cannot express how much I adore your blog. ~Flails~ ^w^ So here's my question: In episode six, if I want to get Leigh's illustration, will it affect Lysanders LoM?

*giggles* Aww~ THANK YOU!!! My heart is filled with warm fluzzies! 

It will effect Lysander’s LOM. Though you won’t see most of it until the next episode. If you pick the right answers then the loss isn’t that bad. I suggest doing episode 6 in a episode replay to get Leigh’s illustration to prevent Lysander’s LOM lowering. 


Anonymous asked: In episode 17, if you refuse to forgive Nathaniel, what happens in the rest of the episode? His help seems pretty important (with the suit and the teachers lounge). Great blog, thank you for all your help!!

You’re welcome sweetie and thank you! *hugs*

If you choose that path then you still end up forgiving him anyway. It’s just the way the dialogue ends. Though you will lose some affinity with that. It won’t effect the story line. 


Anonymous asked: Oh omg I didn't realize! I found auntie at the beggining of the episode and I thought it would count either way, but it didn't. I forgot to go again to the sunglasses store. Thank you dear! What a silly mistake hahaha

Not a problem! I’m so happy that you’ve figured it out. *hugs*

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