My Candy Love - Episode 12 Guide


-      Negative result for LOM

/      Neutral result for LOM

+     Positive result for LOM

Auntie:  (smart phone) in Locker-room   



6 illustrations possible in Episode:

Armin: Find Disk in Stairway after talking to Nathaniel about the marks on his back

Nathaniel, Castiel, Lysander  if LOM is at or above 45 for each guy

2 Illustrations part of episode (Nathaniel through Locker, Amber Kissing Mystery Boy (Kentin))


Mr. Faraize > Courtyard

Armin: Classroom A or B

Alexy: Garden Club or Hall

Violette Declaration:  Doesn’t matter which you choose

(Help Violette declare her love!)

(Stay out of it and let her do it by herself)

Talk or Not:

Nathaniel: LOM will go up if you don’t talk to Iris and Melody (lie)

Peggy:  Teammate LOM will drop if you let her interview you

Money: Cell $299 (replay $99)

Principal:  We were scared to death! Two students, getting lost in the forest when the path was well marked! What was going through your heads to do that?

  • A.      (Say that it’s Teammates Fault)  -
  • B.      (Take responsibility)  +
  • C.      (Don’t say anything for now)  /


A project by the teachers which will take place in a few minutes. 

  • A.  In a few minutes? So you’re late!  /
  • B.  Why I’m not aware of?  -
  • C:.  … Why every time a teacher asks you something, you’re in the game? -


As you can see, yes… For the basketball game.

  • A.      Why weren’t the girls invited?  -
  • B.      Do you think I can come?  /
  • C.      I would have liked to participate too!  /

A TATTOO?! You spy on boys getting undressed because of a TATTOO?! Who do you think is going to believe that?

  • A.      N-No, actually, I’m lost…   -
  • B.      But it’s the truth…   +
  • C.      I’m not spying on anyone!   -

I didn’t think you were capable of something like this…

  • A.      I reacted without thinking…  /
  • B.      Chill out, I just saw your back!   /
  • C.      N-Nathaniel…I know I shouldn’t say anything but those marks on your back…Where are they from?  -


 Why didn’t you talk to him then?

  • A.      Do I ask you questions?  +
  • B.      Because I didn’t have anything to say then.  /
  • C.      That would have been way to easy, right…!   -

Actually, yes, I wanna know. What’s up with you?

  • A.      (Change the subject) Actually, did you sleep well?  +
  • B.      (Invent an excuse) I was just wondering if you were doing to participate in the basketball game. -



He was near the gardening club. Why?

  • A.      I have something to ask him.  -
  • B.      Just ‘cuse…for the fun of it. +


Oh yeah, he told me about it…I have to go change in the locker room then. I’ll just do the warm ups, I’m not really interested in the whole thing.

  • A.      Yeah, you don’t really seem like the sporty type.  +
  • B.      It would do you some good to move around though!  -


Just for my tattoo?

  • A.      I’m sorry! I didn’t know it would end up like that… /
  • B.      (Don’t say anything) / (illustration)



Yeah, but she’s not really my type!

  • A.      Try at least! Violette is really nice…
  • B.      Oh yeah? Do you like another girl?  /



Cool! You make me visit one of these four? 

  • A.   If you want!  -
  • B.   I do not prefer …  -
  • C.   You did not need it?  +

That wouldn’t have been as fun!

  • A.      It doesn’t bother you that your brother doesn’t like girls?  -
  • B.      I wasn’t expecting that at all, except…   /
  • C.      I thought YOU didn’t like girls….  +

That’s when I see girls like you that I think he’s right not to be interested in you. The kind viper’s tongue, we do better. The only weird person in this school, it’s you. 

  • A.   I do not want to be bad! It’s just not common!  /
  • B.   (Do not add anything and from)  /

Are you still looking for someone?

  • A.      I have a lot of things to ask.
  • B.      They are lost without me, it’s not my fault!  +
  • C.      Have you seen him or not?  /


That makes me think of characters in MMOGPs! Like the guy asking you to talk to the welder, but you are still obligated to talk to him to advance.

  • A.      Characters? MMORPG?  -
  • B.      Yeah, it’s kind of like that.   /


For Illustration:

  • A.      (Talk to him)  /  (illustration)
  • B.      (continue watching him in silence) /

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